Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Trial & Error

i reallyyyyy dont like eating breakfast. im just not hungry in the morning & i dont feel the need to eat. i KNOW i have to. & thats why i usually go to protein drinks or bars for a good fill-me-up. Earlier this week i bought me some slim-fast. (I got a good deal on it lol)

The packaging says it wont make u hungry for like 4 hours or whatever. Soooo not true. I dont know if my vitamins are to blame for my hungry tummy but i think ive been eating more after drinking these slim-fast drinks. I didnt buy them to lose weight. trust me...i think my stress is doing enough of that to me already. But i figured i'd give it a try & see if it fills me up for breakfast. WRONG-O. They're yummy...but i thikn i'd rather stick to my NesQuik chocolate drinks lol...

I just thought i'd share this with you. Anyone who cares lol. ill keep drinking them...maybe with something else that WILL fill me up. but not alone. they dont do the job. Let me know if ur like me & like something light but filling for breakfast. what do u eat? (thats a weird question) sorry, im curious!! :)


  1. I know.. I usually grab a granola bar.. and the chocolate milk!

  2. When I used to drink Slim Fast it would make me hungrier too! Lol I usually eat a granola bar too like Consuelo up thurrr! =P

  3. so im NOT alone!!! :D
    boo slimfast! lol