Monday, October 19, 2009

my reply to PIA!!

its gonna be a year for me & my boyfriend this november & i have to say ive had to get used to alot of stuff. it DOES depend on the 2 people, ur right. he's been in serious relationships before & never have...EVER. i dated guys who never made me feel special or treated me like a queen. my boyfriend tells me he loves me everyday & constatnly calls me beautiful, gorgeous & lets me know hes never loved anyone like he's loved me. at first i was bashful about it all (i still am when he surprises me with cute little compliments :] ) but now when he tells me that sort of stuff i realize how lucky i am to have such a great guy in my life.

& i think there are guidelines for guys only because most of the time u hear about he did this & he did that. girls need to realize that they make mistakes in relationships tooo! we're not all flowers & least not all the time lol. i think alot of us need to step it up & treat our guys like we want to be treated.

i love it when my boyfriend playfully bites my face at the most random times! lol

i love when he tells me im beautiful, & perfect & the most important girl in his life.

& i love having him be the one who loves me.

girls know what they WANT & what they LOVE. but do we know everything our boyfriends WANT& LOVE? i dont know. i just hope i never have him feeling like i dont. i think thats the last thing any of us want.

i love my boyfriend. & he loves me :)
just let each other know you LOVE EACH OTHER.


  1. OMG! This was soo good.. Im so happy for you and your boyfriend. hahaa.. I got alot out of this. Thanks : )) Im bout to call my boyfriend, now..

  2. this is too cute... i went out wit my best friend and we have been together for almost four years saddly we broke up 1 year ago and our anvi is on nov also and we always celebrate it for the sake of friendship...i completly know how u feel and LOVE is a BEAUTIFUL FEELING!

  3. i no im very lucky to still have him in my life and i cant go a week w.o not talking to him and he feels the same ... idk sometimes when things dont work out you need a friend the most and im lucky i have him