Tuesday, November 3, 2009

i knooow! i've been gone :/

i've been busy & sick these past few couple of weeks. its hard to explain whats going on but i'd like to share with you guys. maybe you might be able to help me out...

so over the course of 3 months i've taken 4 pregnancy tests & they all have all tested negative. i have most of the pregnancy symptoms but...i 've had my period all 3 months. i've read online that it's possible to bleed around the same time a woman would normally have her period while pregnant but it's not exactly a menstrual period. for a long time i figured im just under stress & that explains the symptoms like my frequent headaches, weight gain, eating alot, nausea, back aches, being tired alot etc.

well...a couple nights ago i got real sick & the symptoms were multiplied by like 10x. i started my period on saturday & it was over by monday/tuesday. i have regular periods that last 5 days so this really bothered me. like any girl would do i started examining myself. i got all nakie & looked at myself in the mirror. then i checked my breasts. i barely grabbed my right breast & it leaked like 2-3 drops of a very light cloudy liquid. i got freaked out!! i looked everything online. i read that it could mean pregnancy, it could mean breast cancer, or it could be completely normal for a girl to "lactate" around her period. now, normally i'd be relieved to read that but i wasnt...considering my period lasted 3 days this time. ive tried to make appointments but the clinics are full up the ass! i finally snabbed an appointment tomorrow morning.

does anyone know anything about this? i dont have ANY experience in pregnancy so i might just be having symptoms from something else. this might not add up. but me & my boyfriend are going out of our minds trying to figure this out. he's been so helpful & supportive through all this. he even did his own research :)
i love him so much!!

but anyways...let me know if you know anything or have heard of anything like this before. i wanna know!!