Monday, October 19, 2009

my reply to PIA!!

its gonna be a year for me & my boyfriend this november & i have to say ive had to get used to alot of stuff. it DOES depend on the 2 people, ur right. he's been in serious relationships before & never have...EVER. i dated guys who never made me feel special or treated me like a queen. my boyfriend tells me he loves me everyday & constatnly calls me beautiful, gorgeous & lets me know hes never loved anyone like he's loved me. at first i was bashful about it all (i still am when he surprises me with cute little compliments :] ) but now when he tells me that sort of stuff i realize how lucky i am to have such a great guy in my life.

& i think there are guidelines for guys only because most of the time u hear about he did this & he did that. girls need to realize that they make mistakes in relationships tooo! we're not all flowers & least not all the time lol. i think alot of us need to step it up & treat our guys like we want to be treated.

i love it when my boyfriend playfully bites my face at the most random times! lol

i love when he tells me im beautiful, & perfect & the most important girl in his life.

& i love having him be the one who loves me.

girls know what they WANT & what they LOVE. but do we know everything our boyfriends WANT& LOVE? i dont know. i just hope i never have him feeling like i dont. i think thats the last thing any of us want.

i love my boyfriend. & he loves me :)
just let each other know you LOVE EACH OTHER.

problem solved?

ok ok ok...i think i've found an explanation for my creasing eyeshadow lately.

these past few weeks ive been using the new Urban Decay Ink For Eyes in Zero. its a cream eyeliner for those who dont know. & my Boots Botanics cream eyeliner. umm...thats it. yup.

i stopped using them a couple times & my eye shadow stayed put! im thinking they might have been just a tad bit too greasy for my lids & thats why i ended up with creased shadow :/
my lids are greasy to begin with so adding a cream to them without setting it with some kind of powder is a no-no.

today i used my Boots Botanics eyeliner & set it with eyeshadow & it worked!! no more creasing! problem solved :)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


umm...i'm obsessed with Law & Order these days lol
i don't know why & i dont even remember when it started...i just know i LOVE it :P
it's sooooo good!

that's it. im done :)
(anyone else watch it?!)

this might seem a little weird...

...but lately my Urban Decay Primer Potion hasn't been holding up so great...especially on my right eye. i HAVE been using a L'oreal eye cream lately too but im sure that if that were the cause of my creasing it'd be on both eyes right? idk. its just been bugging me lol
i dont think im applying it any differently. maybe my lid's getting oily?...all of a sudden?? lol
grrrrr this makes me mad :(
...& ANNOYED whenever i look in the mirror & my eyeshadows creasing lol

alright thanks for reading :P
if the same thing has happened to u or u might know why this is happening- i wanna know!! :)
thanks. bye-bye

Sunday, October 11, 2009

i feel like crap!

omfg i have like allergies on top of a cold! i hate it, i hate it, i hate it!
i cant believe i pulled a whole shift at work tonight. i thought i was gonna have to let everyone hanging & peace out. working at a drug store does NOT help at all though. there are sick people coming in & out of the place, it sucks ass. all my co-workers are getting sick :(
i just wanna take some nyquil, knock out, & wake up feeling WAY better.
but...we'll see how that goes. good night everybody!! i hope everyones well!

Friday, October 9, 2009


Oh noooo!! I havent written all day lol
Im at work as i write & so far its going by pretty quick...which is ALWAYS good. Cant wait to get outta here & go to bed!
I miss my boyfriend! I wish he was still here in california with me suprising me at work with lunch...but no...that silly goose :P

Anywayyyys...i just thought id drop in & see whats up :) hope everyones having a great night!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

I hope my last blog didnt send in incraments (sp). Im writing from my cell phone lol
If it did...BOO!! & im sorry lol

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Uughhh!!! I love my boyfriend to death but sometimes i just wanna push him into a puddle of mud!! :/

Trial & Error

i reallyyyyy dont like eating breakfast. im just not hungry in the morning & i dont feel the need to eat. i KNOW i have to. & thats why i usually go to protein drinks or bars for a good fill-me-up. Earlier this week i bought me some slim-fast. (I got a good deal on it lol)

The packaging says it wont make u hungry for like 4 hours or whatever. Soooo not true. I dont know if my vitamins are to blame for my hungry tummy but i think ive been eating more after drinking these slim-fast drinks. I didnt buy them to lose weight. trust me...i think my stress is doing enough of that to me already. But i figured i'd give it a try & see if it fills me up for breakfast. WRONG-O. They're yummy...but i thikn i'd rather stick to my NesQuik chocolate drinks lol...

I just thought i'd share this with you. Anyone who cares lol. ill keep drinking them...maybe with something else that WILL fill me up. but not alone. they dont do the job. Let me know if ur like me & like something light but filling for breakfast. what do u eat? (thats a weird question) sorry, im curious!! :)

hi hi

buenos dias!
 i woke up this morning to Max & Ruby playing on the tv lol (i was watching nick @ nite & fell asleep...oops!) It was cute. Love those bunnies. But enough about thaaat...

I just got finished getting ready for work...bleh. i got so used to not having to go in to work & going out doing whatever the hell i want lol. BUUT i gotta make some social sacrifices in order to make ma moneyyy right? yup. im saving up to move out to North Dakota by spring!!! im so excited but sooooo anxious. money does NOT come as quick as it goes :/

Anyways...i hope i have an awesome day at work tonight...& a quick one at that. tonight REALLY does not need to drag on lol. I also hope you guys have an awesome day/night! take care & ill write to u soon!!

My first blog :D

Ok...first off allow me to apologize in advance for any stupidity and/or randomness i pull off in here lol. I often get bored & tend to share & over-think waaaaay too much. This is my very FIRST blog EVER. I'm so excited! see?!...omg im excited about blogging. that says alot about me. I'm a simple-minded girl ladiees & gentlemen :D

Soo i hope to bring love & smiles your way! I will try not to babble on like i am right now. Forgive me. I'll try to live a more exciting & fulfilling life to bring you tons of stories lol...jk...i just made myself sound like a depressing. lonely, sad little girl. Ok...ill just try to remember what goes on in my day & stuff i have on the brain...or at least what hangs in there lol. OK. thats enough ill ttyl. i gotta go to bed & dream me some happy little dreams :)