Tuesday, October 13, 2009

this might seem a little weird...

...but lately my Urban Decay Primer Potion hasn't been holding up so great...especially on my right eye. i HAVE been using a L'oreal eye cream lately too but im sure that if that were the cause of my creasing it'd be on both eyes right? idk. its just been bugging me lol
i dont think im applying it any differently. maybe my lid's getting oily?...all of a sudden?? lol
grrrrr this makes me mad :(
...& ANNOYED whenever i look in the mirror & my eyeshadows creasing lol

alright thanks for reading :P
if the same thing has happened to u or u might know why this is happening- i wanna know!! :)
thanks. bye-bye


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  2. this is strange. I use the same one and so far so good.