Monday, October 19, 2009

problem solved?

ok ok ok...i think i've found an explanation for my creasing eyeshadow lately.

these past few weeks ive been using the new Urban Decay Ink For Eyes in Zero. its a cream eyeliner for those who dont know. & my Boots Botanics cream eyeliner. umm...thats it. yup.

i stopped using them a couple times & my eye shadow stayed put! im thinking they might have been just a tad bit too greasy for my lids & thats why i ended up with creased shadow :/
my lids are greasy to begin with so adding a cream to them without setting it with some kind of powder is a no-no.

today i used my Boots Botanics eyeliner & set it with eyeshadow & it worked!! no more creasing! problem solved :)

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