Wednesday, October 7, 2009

hi hi

buenos dias!
 i woke up this morning to Max & Ruby playing on the tv lol (i was watching nick @ nite & fell asleep...oops!) It was cute. Love those bunnies. But enough about thaaat...

I just got finished getting ready for work...bleh. i got so used to not having to go in to work & going out doing whatever the hell i want lol. BUUT i gotta make some social sacrifices in order to make ma moneyyy right? yup. im saving up to move out to North Dakota by spring!!! im so excited but sooooo anxious. money does NOT come as quick as it goes :/

Anyways...i hope i have an awesome day at work tonight...& a quick one at that. tonight REALLY does not need to drag on lol. I also hope you guys have an awesome day/night! take care & ill write to u soon!!

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  1. Im crazy in love with your blog already! OMG! hahaa..